How to use textbox or listpicker to populate multiple labels

Hi, basically i want to use 4 list pickers to assign numbers to a row of labels. so example i pick 4 6 7 and 8 all on seperate list pickers save this to the tinydb and it displays and holds until next time. i have done this for one row but the problem now is how can i keep re using this to put different numbers in another row of labels without changing the first row of numbers.

Ideally keep adding to a table that has 5 fields in each row.

You could store a table (list of lists) under a single TinyDB tag.

Use the length of list block to get the index of the last row.

You want 5 labels per row, but use 4 list pickers to fill the row?
Explain the difference.

Im new to this any images of the blocks maybe required to do this?
I have a date picker for the last label as they need to select a date. This is stored the same way so just gave list pickers for reference.

Thank you

Do you need to see the whole table all at once, or just the last row?