How to use DRY in buttons with procedures

Due to some reasons, I have 10 buttons and 10 procedures, one is used to open each , do I have to do when or can it be automated?

You want it to be automatic when the screen is opened or continuously

Whenever button is clicked @Salman_Dev

this is what is happening , I want to prevent this

You mean you want it to run automatically

Yes @Salman_Dev

Try to use (Clock) Component

You don't show the procedure behind each button click. That will be the key to adopting an "any component" approach.

@TIMAI2 yes exactly want to use any components for that but how do I say that when button is clicked do the function with the same name?

@Salman_Dev I do not want it to be automatic in that sense.

And by the way these functions are changing the images of some image components and also text of some labels.