How to use DendritasMqtt.aia

I’d like to use DendritasMqtt.aia. But I don’t know how to program the ESP8266 to use it. Has someone a simple .ino example? Intel now I have only used the pubsubclient-software to communicate with my iobroker.

@Andres_Cotes, the author of the extension might be able to help you

These .ino codes worked for me in MQTT, you can have a look.

2 Problem:
No connection from ESP8266 to “” but “” works.

What do I have to write instead of:
var url = ‘ws://’,
in the mqtt_subscribe.htm to communicate with mosquitto? Perhaps:
var url = ‘ws://’,


when I click on:
I receive: error not found
Is this OK?

When I click on mqtt.js I get a screen with a lot text (I think the .js file) I copied the text with STRG-A and put into in a mqtt.js file on my computer. Afterward I copied the file to my Android Handy into the folder:
an wrote in the mqtt_subscribe.htm:

Do you think that may work?

Greeting from Germany


Try first with a PlayStore app:

use mqtt:
port: -----1883-------

username, password: empty

Now is:

if you want to put files into the assets of your proejct, then you have to go to the Media section of the designer and upload the files there
files only copied into the directory /AppInventor/assets will not help very much, because these will not be packed into the apk file while building the project


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