How to use app inventor with iPhone and Arduino

I am trying to use the app inventor with an iPhone and and Arduino. I used code I learned in a workshop for Android phones and it doesn't work with the iPhone.

A recent post gave this as an answer to the same question, but I don't understand how to use the answer: "Use ElementsFromString property in the designer rather than the ListData property."

Are there any tutorials you can suggest to help me use it with the iPhone and Arduino?

Welcome Elene.

The Android users use Bluetooth to communicate with an Arduino . I don't think an ios version of App Inventor can do that yet. Android users use extensions to accomplish that goal. The ios version of App Inventor currently cannot use extensions.

Some users use the Web component to talk to their arduinos. See Search results for 'arduino Web ' - MIT App Inventor Community.

Is this using App Inventor Blocks?

Ultimately it will depend on the Arduino you are using. At the moment, App Inventor for iOS does not have the BluetoothClient, BluetoothLE (currently an extension), or Serial components implemented, which are common ways to connect to Arduinos. If you have an Arduino Yun (or another Wifi shield), you should be able to use the Web component to communicate with it.

Of the three unavailable connection methods, BluetoothLE is the mostly likely to be implemented in the short term as we are producing new curricula around BluetoothLE and the micro:bit, and we want to ensure that this will be a good experience for both Android and iOS users.

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Yes. They used the app inventor with the HM-10 Bluetooth module, the Arduino Uno, and an android phone.

Does this mean that the App inventor will work with the HM-10 Bluetooth module, Arduino uno and iPhones in the future?

I would need to see an example project to better assess that.