How to Upload app?

How can I share my app on my website with a link such that it will directly start download without any buttons like google drive gives. I NEED BEST FREE ALTERNATIVES...

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Check these

Link which I should be valid for lifetime

  • If you want to export a .aia file then you can simply downloaded the file and share it with your friends to open on app inventor.

  • And if you want to send a .apk file, then do the same process and download a .apk file on your system and share it.

This alternative can help you, and it's also 100% free :
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I see that there have been various suggestions so Ill add one more:

I built a small webpage and place my *.APK files in to ZIP folders, load them up to WIX and off we go.

You are welcome to see this at:

the page works best from a phone.