How to Update (third party stand alone ) app inventor windows software to 2021 version

How do i get my Ai2u system software updated to the current 2021 version?
I have the 2018 version and some block and functionalities are missing from it. I have searched all over the net and couldn't find where to update or download the latest version.

You should ask the developer of Ai2u. Maybe he is not active anymore. If you insist on using an offline version you can look here.

Remember these are not maintained by the developers of App Inventor so questions should be asked to the developer of that product.

Thanks for your reply. That is where i downloaded the version i am using and i have searched that same site for the newer version but find non.

But ai2u is different from ai2offline. ai2offline is updated. The latest version is from june 2021.

Ohhh yes.... you are absolutely right. Thank you so very much sir, I am so grateful for your support. God bless you.

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