How to Update sdk in old Source code

this builder sdk 28 how to change the sdk and api

See this post:

I see you edited your post. In that earlier version i can see that you use the AppyBuilder source code. Did you get permission to use that since it is no longer allowed to do that without permission as far as i know.


Edit: i see the source code at if GPL-3. This means that you will have to release the sourcecode with the same license.

Why do you use this old code, since it is no longer developed, and not the latest App Inventor code? This is after all the App Inventor community and not the AppyBuilder community.


ap..builder Components best app make
not public builder only used offline app make
this builder only ui change please help sdk change
kodular online app make but my internet is very slow not app builde

ok good but advertising Components need

So you want to earn of the work of others. Then you will have to do some work yourself. And like i said you will have to release your work to the community when you are done.


I have two solutions.

  1. Go to GitHub Advanced Search and enter repo.Now search for word '28'.Then change all usages to 29.

  2. Go to file.
    Change TARGET_SDK_VERSION to 29.
    Now look for all usages,declarations and implementations and change them also.

Actually, he misunderstood gitbuild version and target version.
Target version can be changed in following ways:

Usually it is recommended:


AI2 (since nb184):

(→ AndroidX libs)

Kodular (not quite sure, but I think the last Support lib was for Android 9 (API 28):

(→ Support lib)

Maybe @bartmathijssen can say more about this.