How to terminate a procedure

Hi all,
I have defined a procedure that normally takes 5 sec to complete the job.
But I want when I press a "stop" button, the procedure is terminated right away.
I tried a few tricks to jump out of the procedure but none of them worked. Always it waits to complete the procedure and then the stop button notices the it has been clicked!
Is there something I misunderstand about procedures?

When a procedure starts it has to complete before the next command is executed.

So when your procedure starts and you press the stop button, the actions inside the stop button block will only be executed when the first procedure has completed.

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Post your blocks please, particularly the process you want to stop.

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Hi Sirous

Does the procedure take that long because it runs a repeating loop?

Yes it does.
But I changes the strategy so that the procedure is very short (execute one of the items in the loop) then comes out to see what is going on outside :rofl: and the goes in again. :sweat_smile:
This actually solved the problem.

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