How to store the recieved values from bluetooth in my app with timestamps

I need a new screen, in that I need the values that recieved from the bluetooth app
so i have added a new screen and I stored the values recieved in tiny db
date time value

Bluetooth and screen switch don't mix well.

Use stacked vertical arrangements, one visible at a time.

You can't store components in TinyDB.

Search this board for Logging for samples.

ok, my intention is to store the recieved value from bluetooth and store it so that it should be seen whenever i needed to see with timestamp


for how to log to TinyDB.

For grabbing data through the BlueTooth component, here is a small sample:

Here is a simple BlueTooth text receiver sample, for single value per line:
initialize global message to

yeah thanks for the reply,
so is there a way to suppose if I want to send the current date and time to my BLE device

Why burden the BLE device with time stamping, when you can timestamp the incoming messages yourself?

I agree with this, the BLE device should not send data that the receiving Phone could just do itself.

My system is asymmetrical, the BLE device merely fires and event to my Phone App, the phone app which has far more battery and computing power does all the event logging.

So you don't have know how to call my logging procedure with incoming messages?

my purpose is different I want to sent the epoch as an integer value to my peripheral device inorder to synchronise its value with RTC

Could you be more specific as to which epoch you want?

And RTC = ...?

I want to send the instant Epoch value to my device how can it be done
this is what I did

first I checked wheteher able to get the instant epoch next I tried to send it to my device

In that format date time block, pattern is wrong.

See the clock docs for pattern codes.

can you be more specific, I mean what exactly I should do

This is how you can get seconds from 1970.

This is the link to the pattern documentation that you ignored.

kk, I have changed the blocks the following way

so here Iam sending a decimal epoch value to device but iam not recieving the value that I sent
I mean for 10 digit value we are sending iam getting only a 3 digit value in the device

I have a doubt regarding receiving characteristics from peripheral to my central. I want to get two characteristics from my peripheral first one is an ADC value the next is its timestamp (as epoch) both are different characteristics in my peripheral Iam able to receive ADC value but not getting the epoch