How to store data via wifi

Hi all and thanks in advance to everyone who can interest about my aim.

My tools: I have created an app with appinventor that, connecting to the wifi created by the access point of the Arduino controller, is able to work as a remote controller. Indeed with the app I can set the work condition of a servo. The Arduino controller uses the WiFi.h Library and save the output of some variables in the SD in this format: #,#,#,#,#..... with n=20 and with a baud rate of 57600.

My aim: I would like to avoid the Sd card and to send, directly and with no latency, the same output in somelike a cloud or a file.txt or a page or a google sheets...everything (not arduino iot cloud where I need to pay in order to have some upgrade).

My desire: I would like to store as so much possible using only the App and the controller

My question: Do you have some direct examples about this request? Some specific documentation?

Thank You again.

Perhaps one of these links will help Search results for 'send data to arduino wifi' - MIT App Inventor Community

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