How to start developing my own app inventor

tho this is FAQ and i search in community i can't have a best fit guide

my pc=32bit,2gb ram
i have a setup C:\Users\NAME\appinventor-sources for extension development
i want this post to be like a guide from begging
@ewpatton help me ...

Well, I can also help you.

  1. Download Sources
  2. As you are extension dev, you may have most of required variables in ur path.
  3. Download Google Cloud Sdk and add it in your paths
  4. Run ant in appinventor folder ( It may take 15-30 mins)
  5. After Build Successfull, run this command git submodule update --init and then run this command
    java_dev_appserver --port=8888 --address= appengine/build/war/ in appinventor sources folder.
  6. Navigate to localhost:8888
  7. Login to it with ( or any of your preference)
  8. You are done ! Now u can modify UI and Logo. You can also add new comps as mentioned in many guides.

If any doubt, feel free to ask

Make sure u ran ant MakeAuthKey


Hello, @Know_About_IT, I have already downloaded app-inventor sources a time ago to develop extensions, I don't want to download the whole of it again, so can I now setup it or I need to download it it again from Git or Gitbash?



did upto this

next step a bit afraid

@HIFI_APPS Dear, Did u got build successful ?

yes got it.

Then, run git submodule update --init

Run ant MakeAuthKey

done those
that command is not for windows what i do

I don't think that's going to be enough. Typically we need at least 4 GB of RAM to compile the App Inventor frontend these days unless you disable collapsing all properties (which has the side effect of increasing the build times).

You mention extension development, so if that's what you're going for I would recommend using the extension template repository, which will build much faster than the main repo since most things are precompiled for you.


@HIFI_Apps mine compilation failed when I use Xmx1024M but succeeded when I used Xmx2048M, it compiled it means it needs atleast 2 gb of ram to compile and if ur pc is having 2 gb ram, then how will it do so

Ok my pc is going to die\burst so I will change the ram that time.

Yes now my ram is 4gb i am with ne hard disk so i setup my pc with environmental variable and now the app inventor sources can compile my extension.

so i started creating app inventor
now i am at this step the out put of ant MakeAuthKey
is sucessfull

but there are 4 log4j warn what should i do now

i think you should ignore it because build was successful

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Yes, these are just warnings about the configuration of the build. They will not interfere with anything else.