How to solve this list index too large

Can't find something that could help me, just wanted to know how to solve this?

You have attempted to something like this in your code.


Since you cannot find the second item in a list that has only 1 item, it has resulted in a runtime error.

This is my blocks. And the part that I think where error occur is the date last and date next fertilize picker blocks.

It is always great to check length of list before putting index into consideration.

Sorry but I still don't get it.^^"

Do something like:

IF the first item of a list is "Does not need fertilizer"

THEN do something when the user does not need fertilizer

ELSE set water, picture, flowers, etc.

It still doesn't work.

Shouldn't it be the first item?

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What do you mean?

Since your list is ["Does not need fertilizer"], which has only 1 item, selecting the 13th or 12th item is repeating your error again. Select the first item and try.

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Like this?

The run time error still pop up.

No, I mean 1! (sighs)


Not 12!

Hehe, sorry bout that, but my index 1 is equals to the PlantID. But I'll give it a try waiiit

And all of this

should be here

Look at this, is this what you mean?

Yes, can you test it?

the error still pops T,T

Are you sure the errors occured right here?

Yes, I'm sure the error pops up because of the 12th and 13th index, they're data is both equals to "Does not need fertilizer"

Can you share what is there wnen you Do It over global PlantList, that will help to know the structure of you list of lists