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Good day group, I hope someone can help me with this problem...
The operation Elements cannot accept the arguments: , ["C3 - Time -20h16"]
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds
I am trying to create a reporting app for my work. We sit in a control

room with 30 camera monitors. Each button represents a screen. You will have a screen with buttons numbered from 1 to 30. For example, when you select button 3 the number 3 will appear in a textbox on the next screen. Button no 3 will open another screen where you select another button for example car, truck plane ext... the end result will be in a textbox C 3 time 18h30 - Car. At the end of every shift, you will have multiple entries. Hope someone can help. I have been working through a lot of tutorials and can't find the right solution. To mention the last screen will act as a note pad screen where you can add additional data with the above-mentioned data. The screen works well in recording entries but I can add the data of the buttons as mentioned and as per images

  1. Your tinydb tag "listoption" from Screen5 is NOT a list, therefore it cannot be accepted by ListViewScr9.Elements. This is what causes your error. You probably need to create a list variable on Screen5 and add the textbox value to the list, then save the list to the tinydb tag "listoption". ListViewScr9.Elements can then accept the tag "listoption". You may need to change the blocks you have that follow this on Screen9 for them to work correctly.

  2. You do not appear to be switching screens correctly, which will cause your app to eventually crash

  3. If you have more than 10 screens in your project, this may also cause your app to become unstable.

Use different screens wisely

If you decided to use different screens, then you should switch them correctly, else you will run out of memory after a while...      
The recommended method of switching screens in App Inventor
(Thanks Taifun)
Also see demo: multiscreen.aia
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Hi, thank you for your help. I followed your recommendations. I made a few changes to the blocks and no more errors.

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