How to solve error 1101 App inventor?

You only need a VPN if you are worried about spies.

It's simpler without one.

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Also, Tell us more about JAZZTEL.

from my phone's settings:

my laptop settings:

I have never seen a scan code for network connection before.

Is this a hotspot?

is a house wifi not my phone's wifi

Have you ever signed onto your home router at and used its web interface to show all the IP addresses of the devices on the local network?

That can be informative.

Hopefully, both your device and your phone should appear on the list.

you mean like this ?


It looks like you found a web site that discusses all the possible combinations of user ID and password used to login to routers.

Maybe your router manufacturer's web site offers support in this area?

Thanks a lot,
You solved my issue effortless by your expertise.