How to Simply Locate Event Blocks in your Workspace

Hi all, today I am here with a simple solution for how to find a event block in a big block workspace.

Note: It is only for event blocks

How to Do

If you want to search for when Button1.Click in a big worksapce like this-

I know it is very hard, so to solve the problem just do these steps-

  1. Add a duplicate when Button1.Click event handler in the workspace (at any place) so that a x mark comes on the block.
  2. Next you will notice that at the left bottom the warning changes from 0 to 2.
  3. Then you have to click on the up arrow of the so that it go to the first event handler you have placed.
  4. Now you can update the first event handler then click on the down arrow of the x mark and you can see that it will go to the duplicate event haldler of the Button1 Click.
  5. And finally delete the duplicate event handler so that the warning becomes 0.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: