How to show value on textbox

I try to create app for microbit.
I find the following aix that can work.
BTReadWrite_2_copy (1).aia (301.7 KB)
However, this app uses javascript to retrieve value.

I want to retrieve value and show it on a textbox without javascript.
May anyone talk me how to do it?

I had this lying around.

The project it came from stripped STX and ETX, but that probably won't be a problem for you.

BTReadWrite3 (1).aia (303.8 KB)

P.S. The chr() is not mine. I would credit it if I could remember the author, whose portrait icon appeared green.

Got it, @Italo

There is nothing wrong with using JavaScript to convert the value you get from the micro:bit to something you can use in your app. This is just a trick to implement something that the BLE extension did not provide. I think the BLE extension is still missing this method, but someday you should not need the JavaScript trick anymore. Be happy dat someone (not me) figured this out!

Thanks for your help. I know that App inventor block does not have char block.
I try to create a new covert extension for this.
Since the receivedBytes contains \r\n, I don't put them into covert block return string.

BTReadWrite_2_copy (3).aia (305.9 KB)
microbit-22 (5).hex (1.3 MB)