How to show data in label?

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Can any one please tell me about this as if I have two labels and I call data from a db and I want to show that data in labels.(Both the labes are arranged side by side)
(I am showing particular data in label 1 and particular data in label 2) what I want is that my label 2 contain more text characters than 1st label . I want when 1st data from db come then when the 1st label and 2nd label data come then after I want to show the next data.

Problem:- Because 2nd label contain more data that’s why the heigh also increased of label and the 2nd data which I have called for label 1 is shown in next line after 1st label 1st data end.
I want to show both the data simultaneously.
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Consider these ?:

much easier than trying to format labels

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Thanks for your help
I got solution for this :blush:

Please do not ask the same question in multiple forums.

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