How to show 10 recent items by using Listview/ limit items showed in Listview?

Hi professors,
I'm newbie. I want to ask how can I limit items showed or just list 5 or 10 recent records by using Listview. I have listed items but it seem like too many items to show then making the app running slowly. So all I want is that how to show 5 or 10 recent records that could allow the app run faster.
list 10 items.aia (8.7 KB)

  1. Use the reverse list block, this will put the latest item added first
  2. Create a sublist, and using your reversed list, add the first ten items to the sublist, apply this list to the elements of the listview

I tried as you said, but it look like all the records would be reserved, not 10 recent records. My list gonna have more than a thoudsand records but the thing I want is only show 10 recent records.

Yes, all the records are reversed, then you fetch the last 10

Thanks for your help. the progess now have more improving. But I'm still stucked in the stage of format record. How can I format the record from web2 like I formated the record from Web1

this stage have problem! Can't read record

blocks (3)

Is it possible to adjust the upstream insertion into the web content so that new rows are inserted at the front (item 1)?

That would solve the problems of having to sort and limit row count.

Look at my example again

First you have to make the sublist (last 5 items)
Then you can run your format2 procedure on that sublist

The blocks I did like this. But on the screen it showed the last 2 row.
Then I tried as you said so It look like this

I dont know the way to format like this

I tried to format Listview 2 as Listview 1. But the blocks in Listview 2 doesn't work as I want though I set up block of Listview 2 look like the same with the Listview 1. It showed 2 row. How can I format it become 2 column?

Try something like this:

the block I made as you said like this

then it showed a notification
Annotation 2020-07-04 113017
How could I do to fix this?

Please share an example list of data for testing

here is the link of my google sheet's list

you are using the list from csv table block, the suggestion from @TIMAI2 was to use the list from csv row block

use Do it to debug your blocks, see also tip 4 here
see also Live Development, Testing, and Debugging Tools

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Try this instead (blocks are draggable to your project)

blocks (1)

You can change the "\n" as you wish for layout


It worked !
Thank you very much! Very appreciate your help !

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