How to set list item to Project Bucket?

Hello. I previously asked help on one thing of my app without being specific, so I’ll try to explain myself better.
My database is organized in this way:

and I want to get 2020-2-3 and 2020-2-11 TagList. So in mit app inventor I did this:

With FirebaseDB2 I got the first TagList(2020-2-3, 2020-2-11) and put them in a list. I had to set every item in the list to Project Bucket to get their TagList and put them into one single list, so I made a loop. The problem is that it doesn’t work. I made some testing and changed some things, but the problem is still there. Maybe I need to use another procedure to set an item list as Project Bucket?

Can you show a more detailed view of your data on firebase, e.g. Click all the + signs to show what is in Daniele199, and indicate what data you are trying to return ?

The “while test” block is the wrong block to use, use a number from to or if/else with a counter.

Hi, thanks for your reply!
I actually changed method but it still doesn’t work. Can i show you it here or do I have to make another thread?

Not sure why you keep adding Firebase component instances (FB1,FB2,FB3) ?

To get the dates back from projectBucket Posts

“Firebase.getValue = /Posts” should return the dates at keys