How to send two or three data from app inventor to be stored in two or three variables on the ESP32 board?

Hello, I am looking for help on this forum because I have not been able to find any information. Does anyone know how I can create an Android app that connects to an ESP32 and from the app send two data either strings or integers to the ESP board: that to from the ESP take data from some sensors and the data from the app send it to a Google sheet.

Thanks! Do you have information on how to pass app inventor data to ESP variables?

I am not an ESP expert, but I expect you should have one of these connection methods:

  • BlueTooth
  • WiFi

Which do you have?


I'm testing with this:

A search of this board for ESP32 reveals ESP32 Bluetooth classic. Callback. ESP32 CAM

Which you might find easier to read than me.

Check the web site for more multi-language sketches.