How to send data coming from arduino bluetooth on mitapp and saving to mysql DB

Hi, I am a programming beginner and I have some problems about how to send data coming from a bluetooth connection between arduino and mitapp, and then save this data to a mysql database. this process must be "automatic" so i dont know if i can send all the raw data incoming form bluetooth directly to mysql DB or if i need to create an txt,xml, or another "better way" to do so.

I have developed the codes to receive the data from bluetooth arduino to mitapp, and i developed a php code and another mitapp to send data manualy to mysqldb but i dont know how to integrate both process "automaticaly".

Thank you

Hello Matias.

You described your problem. Unfortunately it is impossible for anyone to provide specific advice unless you share your Blocks and arduino code. Show us what you tried.

In the mean while, the following advice might help you.

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