How to Send and Receive Data more than 20 Byte using BLE

Hello, i'm new to opperate App Inventor, and i have problem with capacity of sending and receiving using BLE.

I'm trying to send and receive data using BLE , but the MTU is not working to enlarge the capacity of transmission. So, my app just send data only 20 Byte. here my code. Anyone know the solution ?

Here I have found a solution that works with unlimited text characters/length:



Thanks for your help Stef :pray:. It's really works :+1:. I'll send all of my program in here.

Great to hear it works! My app now sends all the characters too that I will send. It is now working as it should - great!

I am trying to get more than 20 Bytes from BLE. But it is giving only 20 Bytes. Can Anyone help me to solve this, it would be a great help.
Also find my code attached here.

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