How to send a straight SMS with no user intervention

Hello, may somebody knows how to send an SMS straight without any user intervention.

I am building a panic button and that actions always do not do that as I wish. Straight SMS fully automatic without other user action after the panic button pressed.

Hola, ¿alguien sabe cómo enviar un SMS directamente sin la intervención del usuario.?

Estoy construyendo un botón de pánico y las acciones no siempre hacen eso como deseo. SMS directo completamente automático sin ninguna otra acción del usuario después de presionar el botón de pánico.

Gracias y saludos a todos.


You will need the SendMessageDirect block. To get this you need to download the companion ( currently 2.60u ) from the web site (not Google Play)

Help > Companion Information >


Be aware that this adds dangerous permissions to your app, and you will not be able to publish your app on Google Play if you use this block / method.

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So Kind TIMAI2, it works fully ok.
Tks a lot.


Good News , it is 08th of April 2023 and I just did found the solution, this is the way to do it, see the code bellow.
It Works well.

Greetings from Chile - Rafael

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