How to send 2 values at the same time instead of one at a time

Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could have some advise, as I dont know if its possible as am new to MIT App Inventor.
So I am making this app to make an arduino drinks machine, and the user enters how many shots they want in the drink and the size of the drink. Now I would prefer that the user only has to press 1 button for their drink to be made, after they inputted the number of shots and drink size. With my set up I have a text box for the number of shots and a listpicker with drink sizes.
Is there anyway for me to send both of these values at the same time, or say 1 sec after each other (so I know what value the arduino receives first).
P.S should have said this is over bluetooth to send the information.

Thanks in advance. I will show the screenshots of my code below.

You could concatenate (join) them into a text string: val1|val2 and extract at the Arduino end.