How to select language for SpeechRecognizer component (on ios when ios version is released)

My app recognizes English words when I click the button but not Italian words. How do I set the languages to be recognized as Italian? The language set in Siri settings is Italian


This may be helpful:

SpeechRecognizer by Taifun

com.puravidaapps.TaifunSpeechRecognizer.aix (12.2 KB)

Thanks. I guess the extension will work only in Android as the extension dates back to 2016 and the most recent update addresses "newer Android versions". But I'll give it a try anyway

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Yes, it works in Androind but it does not in iOS. Maybe the App Inventor team could add this extension to App Inventor for both Android and iOS

My understanding is that the ios version of App Inventor 2 will not and can not use extensions. Apple will not allow extensions apparently in conjunction with AI2.

Sorry, when AI2 is able to compile and create code for ios , it will not be able to use extensions for the ios apps.


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I understand that. This is why I suggested to add the block to set the speechrecognizer language directly in app inventor.

Hi @s_federici,

We'll look into this. Because we are using the Siri frameworks internally, it should respect your phone's language setting. It shouldn't be forcing only the recognition of English.


Thank you Evan.

Any update?

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Hi Evan

I am testing the AI unit with speech recognition. Just wonder if I could make it work with Cantonese. I test the Google Assistant on Android and Siri on iOS, they both recognize Cantonese. However, when I test the voice recognition on App Inventor. Always unable to complete the code. Grateful if you could provide assistance as most of the students are using Cantonese. Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards

Any update?

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