How to remove this?

Guys, while development of appinventor, I wanted to remove something, Please do help. How can I remove the privacy policy. Which file I need to edit ?

Any help is welcomed.

is it on YOUR app? or App Inventor builder? If it's App Inventor Builder, I don't think you can. if it's your app, and you didn't put it there you could easily put a blank label over it. Otherwise I can't help anymore

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It's my Appinventor

I am sure this is possible @AppBuilder6571

Hello @Know_About_IT,
The status panel is created in the Ode class, by creating a new StatusBar and attaching it to the mainPanel, I think it would be enough to comment out this line, to prevent the status bar from being added.

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@MohamedTamer Sir can you please explain more like which file I need to modify or position of this in java files ?

It's this line:

Clicking the ("this") link in the above post should redirect you to the right line in the Appinventor GitHub repository as well.

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Is there a way I can customize or change its text ?

Yes, take a look at the StatusBar class:

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Yes u need to use GWT

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Special thanks to @MohamedTamer and @Pradevel

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