How to receive a each 10 bytes and go to differents "label"?

When i send something to my app just created, i receive a 10 bytes but i want my first byte and another bytes go to a different "label" i created in that app.So, how to receive a each 10 bytes and go to differents "label"?

If you are receiving a list, use the SELECT LIST ITEM block.

If you are receiving text, use the text LENGTH and SEGMENT blocks.

Hello Nazir

  1. What are you receiving? 10 integers? a 10 byte string?
  2. Receiving from what - a microcontroller (e.g. Arduino)? If a microcontroller, did you write the script/sketch for it?

i already solved it thank you

i already solved it, thank you, btw how to receive <255 bytes string from bluetooth to my BT app? when i send 180 it send -76, 255 it send -1, 252 it send -4

What is sending the bytes? Make, model, Bluetooth version.

In future posts, please use the App Inventor function to capture a Blocks Image:
Right-mouse in the Blocks work area and select "Download Blocks as image"
download blocks

this what i send to my app bluetooth

...... and the answer is?

this what i receive

I can't help you if you don't answer my questions Nazir.

When i click REINZ 4 button

That is your program on a Windows PC, correct?
What is the Bluetooth version of the PC?

Where is your Receiving App? On an Android Smart Phone? What is the Android version of the phone? What is the Bluetooth Version of the Phone?

Okay i already solve it. The problem is i "receive signed bytes". i changed to "receive unsigned bytes"

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