How to read the use of a bluetooth remote shutter in appinventor?

Hi, i have wrote the program that connect my "bluetooth remote shutter" to my phone in appinventor. now i wnat to use this logic variable (button pushed or not) in order to do something with appinventor. how can i read this logic variable in appinventor. It's for a android , i saw that it's produce an "enter" or "volume up" command in my android phone. thanks for your help!

Hello Christian

We would need to see the specification of the shutter, to understand what data it can send.

Is that a button in the App or a button on the shutter?

it's a button on the shutter, the model is : AB Shutter3
It's that kind of button to take picture with a remote biutton connect to your cellphone by bluetooth.
thanks for helping me !

The textbox extension offers an enter pressed listener you could try...


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I looked up that device - since it's going to activate the Smartphone's camera via Bluetooth, I think you may need to have a background App that listens for the signal and then throws up a notification - but if you are a distance away from the Smartphone with the remote shutter, is that really going to be useful?

Thanks Chrisward for your post. yhat's what i want: read with appinventor the android variable (or that one transmitted by bluetooth) that change its state when pressing the AB Shutter3. could you give the name of that variable i could read within appinventor? thank you so much

Sorry Christian, it's not that simple :thinking:

You will need to find out the whole specification of the remote shutter:

  1. Bluetooth Version
  2. The value it sends for 'Android snapshot'

Even when that is known, the next problem will be how to receive the shutter's signal without causing it to disconnect from the Smartphone. If it is a BLE Bluetooth device the probable answer is - it can't be done this way. If it's Classic Bluetooth, you might be able to get it to work.

An alternative approach might be to make the App receive the signal instead of the Smartphone - so your App would then activate the Smartphone Camera to take a snapshot.

Another option would be to make your own remote shutter. You could then potentially have more control, like firing-off 10 shots in a row. Perhaps your own remote shutter needn't be built, it could be another Smartphone.

So - a really tricky project, not as simple as you think -but if you enjoy tinkering, you can test all options using App Inventor.

Bluetooth works best outside where there is nothing in the way like walls and doors etc. It's range is still limited though. See my website:

I found this manual:

AB Shutter 3.pdf (606.1 KB)

The device is BLE v4.0 (the earliest, most grumpy version). However, there are no technical details as to what the signal value is.