How to read single line in google sheet according to date

I create a google sheet with following heading
date name age address
and I would like to retrieve data in the sheet according to the current todays date, where it will show different data every day according to google sheet....
Any Idea?

This is possibly the best method:

Query Any Google Sheet with a Web App

(note: if your locale uses semi-colons in formulas instead of commas, you will need to edit the formula in the script)

I have got to get around to changing this.....:wink:

an alternative solution would be the Google Visualization API, see an example here App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Google Spreadsheet Database | Pura Vida Apps


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guess I have create a simple google sheet with the following headings
and then I added records to google sheet directly
How can I lookup a specific Date (date of the system) when I load the screen and show all the records in the same row. NOT on list view, but.just show it on text boxes or labels.
thanks for supporting ... just new to the community and MIT.

you already asked that question... let me suggest you to read the answers...
I now merged the 2 threads..


Thank you for your help..
I don't want to show up data on list.. Just show it separetly with text or label
Thanks again Taifun

follow one of the 2 suggestions.. try something...
and if you get stuck, then post a screenshot of your relevant blocks...
see also tip 2 here


You can refer to YouTube tutorials

Or you can used CloudSheets Extension
Or SkySheets Extension


Links would be useful, along with whether they are paid or not .....

It's an amazing project by @Mateja and has some free plans available with AI2/Kodular extensions.