How to read refreshed HTML data

here I can not extract my data transmitted by my wifi esp.
connection ok. I think it comes from the way the data is displayed on the web page. can you help me?
here is the piece of code that formats the data:

void loop() {
TEMP_Ext = readtemperature(0);
TEMP_Int= readTEMPInt();
HUM_Int= readHUMInt();
liste_donnees = "

" " "+ String(maDate) + " "+String(monHeure) +" "+ String(TEMP_Ext)+" "+ String(TEMP_Int)+" "+ String(HUM_Int)+"

html = html1 + liste_donnees + html2;



What does your html page look like then ?

oups: here is :slight_smile:

String html;

String html1 = R"***(

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2" />


// temperature will be inserted between html1 and html2

String html2 = R"***(


Sans titre

From what I can tell:

85.85.2165 is the date
27:85:85 is the time
27.81 a temp reading
28.73 a temp reading
41.66 a humidity reading

other than that....

yes quite the date and time are not ok, because the ds1302 is hs, i am waiting for another one.
I am receiving the data: I created an error to see the display of what I am receiving:

thank you