How to read or store values inside the dynamic textbox given by the user as an input

Hi, I want to use the dynamic component extension made by yusufcihan. I want to create a dynamic textbox which will be added by a button. Its value will be given by the user, I want to store or read that value which the user will put in the dynamic textbox.

Welcome to the community, could you please be more specific. What will trigger the save or read procedure ? What will happen if textboxes are empty ?

Thanks! When the user enters the values of the dynamic textboxes, he/she will then press send, if there are no values then 0 should be stored by default. So that I can send these values wirelessly to esp32. Screenshot_2021-05-30-11-22-39-96|236x500

So actually each time you press add a new waypoint is created, for example waypoint3 and then when send is press are you going to send all waypoints to esp32 ?

Post a screenshot of your blocks. Especially the procedure that you use in order to create waypoints

Yes Exactly!

Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 12.27.09 PM

I already made a test aia to see how it works, try it. When save is clicked x,y,theta points are saved in individuas lists and in one global list of lists that contains x,y,theta from each waypoint

dynamic_textbox.aia (41.0 KB)


Thanks! that solved my problem!

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Glad I could help

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