How to read Integer values

So I am trying to make an app that connects to a bluetooth module (more specifically an HM10). It connects fine, but it won't display the integers that it is sending, it should return integers of increasing increments every second. What is it missing?

Valid UUID values ​​are missing.

If the ones I put up are invalid, how do I get the valid UUID values for my module? I got these values by using MATLAB.

For HM10, these are correct values:

Thanks for the help, it now says that the Data is received, but the value it returned is just a rectangle. Any recommendations?

If you send data using "serial.print () in Arduino;" Try "serial.write ();"

You can use "serial.print ()", and in Appinventor use the string receiver instead of Integer value.

Again thanks for the help, but now the value shows up as ["diN???"]. I should also say that I am using mbed not Arduino and I am not sure of how different they are.mbed code

Check that you are using the latest version of the BLE extension, August 2020.

I just checked and it is actually the one from April 7th, 2020. Should I still install the August 2020 one?

Yes, install.

I am still having the same problem. The value ends up being ["diN???"]. Any other suggestions?

I looked at your blocks. Remove the "ReadIntegers" block, the purple one under "RegisterForInteges".

It's working now. Thank you.

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