How to publish AI companion on Google Play store

We want to publish AI companion app for our appinventor project separately. But there are two issues,

  1. You need to use different package name ""
    2) You need to sign the apk in release mode.
  1. You need to have a Custom package name that doesn't exist in the play store.
    So change IT to for example ( OR
  2. Your app needs to be Signed to be Published.
    You can find more information here:

Thanks for your reply, how do we generate release keystore for mit app inventor companion

It is build with android studio right?
Then Just click the link i send above And scroll a bit down then you Will see a how to sign the apk.

I would strongly recommend against using the MIT name in your package name. You should instead use a reverse DNS name based on the name of your project.

Regarding signing the APK, you need to remove the debug signature created by the buildserver and resign the package using jarsigner/apksigner and a keystore you generate yourself. Backup this key store as well as it is how you essentially identify yourself to the Google Play Store and it won't trust the APK if it is signed with a different keystore.

In which files, we should change the package name ??

Hmm if i am right its the manifest.
But i am not sure.