How to protect app code againts reverse engineering?

How to protect an app created with App Inventor from reverse engineering?
I ask this because, given an apk file, it seems to me that it is possible to easily extract the code inside it, and use it to create a project that can subsequently be modified within the App Inventor environment.
In reality I have never really tried to recreate an .aia file starting from its .apk, but seeing the files in text and clear format, it would seem possible
How about?
Is it possible to recreate a .aia starting from its .apk?
And if it were possible, how to prevent or make this procedure difficult?

Yes, of course, Usually people can enter the apk using APK Editor Pro

Very interesting, I did not know
So, is there a possibility to protect an app from copying / editing / recompiling?

Unfortunately you/we can't do anything to protect that.
But one good thing is that App Inventor2 uses ProGuard (if I am not wrong).

Maybe this can help :

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It means extensions are proguarded.:smiley:
(if we use that flag)