How to parse QR code and get

How to parse and get the information of qr code string from google form response example in viewform or resons

viewform?entry.000000=1111&entry.22222=333 which in embedded in qr code. need to extract the 1111 and 333 after barcode scan

  1. You are scanning a QR code and the scan.Result is being saved in GoogleSheets??
  2. When you ae reading Google Sheets, you want the Read result in the app ??

yeah! i need to parse 1st the qr code result and save in the google sheet.
1st, read the qr code to get the details and save in the google sheet.

What I need since i dont have idea on how to parse the data. I just join it

What You are trying to do is scan a barcode and save the scanned result to google sheet right ? You would need Google form to submit to submit your data to a google sheet

see this link

  1. Why are you calling the DoScan twice??
  2. You need to call the DoScan procedure ONCE when you are clicking the BtnScan.
  3. When BarCodeScanner1 AfterScan block should have the remaining process. You do not need the Submit button procedure. Once the QR Code has been scanned, the result can auto be submitted to the Google Sheet.
  4. To submit the scan result to the Google Sheet use the formResponse method. It is easier.

There are tutorials available online (on Youtube also) that tell you step by step how to upload data to google sheets.

For your ease of understanding, here, I am getting the scan result in Textbox1. I am parsing it into Textbox2 and Textbox3, since I need to save them as seperate Column enteries on the Google Sheets. Once data is uploaded, the Textboxes1, 2, and 3 are cleared up. I just need to Click on a SCAN button, after the scan, the scan result is auto uploaded to google sheets.

The textboxes are not visible, so they do not affect the look of the app.

thank you anup! this is helpful

Welcome !
Give it a try
I am sure it will work out for you the way u need it