How to open the verticalArrangement at the top of the page?


I have a scrollable page with 4 verticalArrangement one is visible and the other three are invisible.

When I start the page it start with the top to the page and can be scrolled down.

But when I change the visibility to any other verticalArrangement it open it at the middle of the scrollable page.

Is there a way to make it open the verticalArrangement at the top of the scrollable page?


A workaround I used is to set the focus to a textbox at the top of the arrangement. If you don’t use one, may be create an invisible one (set all colors to none and make it really small).
I also remember there’s an extension to change the position of scrollable arrangements, but can’t find it yet. Someone else has the link?

Scroll Arrangement Handler Extension (V2)

not sure if this will help as OP described a scrolling page (screen?) with "vertical arrangements" not "vertical scrolling arrangements"

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Thanks for your reply , I tested that workaround you suggested but it does not work with some cases.

Put everything you have on Screen1 in a vertical scrolling arrangement, turn off scrolling on Acreen1, then you have more control.


I did some test and found the suitable salutation to open a VerticalArrangmen on top of the screen is:

First set screen scrolling to false, than set AlignVertical to top which you must use 1 for it, than return the scrolling to true. ( AlignVertical does not work with scrollable screen ) as following:

Set Screen1 Scrollable to false

Set Screen1 AlignVertical to 1

Set Screen1 Scrollable to true