How to open a unique page for each user when signed or logged in with firebase

It should open same page every time when I sign in with same credentials.

Please provide more information and detail about what you want to achieve, also show some relevant blocks, designer screen/screens etc

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I need to make an app through which people can connect to each other. By entering correct room name and password(i.e Sign up with Firebase) they will be able to communicate with each other. So, each user will use different credentials so they'll open different virtual screens.
How do I do it in MIT App Inventor ?

You will need the firebase component and the firebaseAuth extension to sign in with Firebase (or use the Webviewer REST api method). You will also need your own firebase project account and ensure that you setup secure rules once testing and development are finished.

With a successful sign in, use logic to set the correct page for the signed in user.