How to make your app as default app

How to make your app as default that is I made a browser in mit so if I click on a link it shows which browser to open it with but doesn't show my browser as the system may not know it is a browser so how could I make it open the link with my browser.

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I created a Web browser ,but how can I make it my default browser?
The option to make default browser shows only chrome and system browser
How to Make the system know that the app I created is a browser?

Pls reply I mean look at this

I made a browser and it is not coming here

see here

@vknow360 might know more...

Deep Linking is partially possible while Default app will be possible very soon.


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Thanks @Taifun
My custom webview extension has that feature i.e. adds app to browser's list

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Thank you for the help :smiley: