How to make space on a tablearrangement

I just inserted 4 buttons inside a table arrangement, but they are too close. How can I make some space between them? When I try to add an horizontal or vertical arrangement the buttons dissapear.
Thanks in advance.

You can try increasing the width of the table and assigning a fixed width to the buttons to increase space between them.

First, thanks for your response! I think I've already tried that, and didnĀ“t work. I chose the option fill apartment for the table arrangement and idk why all the buttons where sticked to the left side, and there wasnt and option to center them.

Do you mean "Fill Parent?"

  • Some people use blank labels for spacers.
  • Also, pay attention to the centering properties of parent arrangements.
  • Table Arrangements are finicky to work with, compared to nested vertical and horizontal arrangements, according to many reports.

I stopped using table and started using just horizontal. Table arrangements work strange.