How to make Companion run without WiFi

Hello Everyone ,
Actually I have an doubt related to Companion App , I want to run Companion without wifi , so for doing this where I have to make changes , is it only in companion and with this their is change in some files too , if yes then how we can do that ?
Kunal Mishra


@ewpatton , help regarding this !
What u have to do for running Appinventor Companion run without wifi ?

Please don’t use usernames in this way just to get attention. Developers will follow the community to so this is not necessary.


There is a script in the misc directory called that provides the functionality for handling the emulator and USB connection if you prefer to not use the companion over WiFi. You could also install the setuptools package from our website, which is a executable form of the same script.

Where I can find that setup tool in yours site ? Can u Share that link ?

Download AI2Starter (Installer or Portable version) here:

AI2Starter46.exe /

I'm not (absolute) sure if there is a more recent version, but it works.