How to make arduino sound from mit app inventor

Hello everyone. So I want to make an app that will make my buzzer (which is connected to arduino uno) to start ringing at a specific time. Basically, is like an alarm clock for aruino. I’m using hc-05 bluetooth module . Can I make some LEDs to start blinking in the same time with the alarm? How can i do that? Also, can i set multiple alarms? .
Any information is highly appreciated.
I really need help

While AI2 apps themselves can’t run in the background like alarm clocks, you
could instead put that responsibility onto the Arduino uno (given enough battery life )
based on whatever messages you send from AI2 to it to program its alarm(s).

That would require a long running loop in the Arduino, and some storage locations reserved for the scheduled alarm time(s) to be periodically checked by the Arduino.

I know of no examples of this yet, however.