How to make and join random name using two for loops and two list

hi, i want to create random email generator . i have the three list . firstname list, second name list and email domain list .

i want to take random firstname, secondname and domain normal no random needed. then we want to join this firstname, secondname and email domain and take it as text file output .

please show the screenshot of the blocks . i am beginner . thank you

Something like this ?

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thank you so much for your help . it working. but i want to generate many emails from a single button click . so my problem here is how to implement loop in this .
thanks in advance

First method, using number of items in first_name list:

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Second method, using a variable to set the number of email addresses returned:

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Thank You so much for your help. you are a great Programmer . in future, i will hire you for my project.

from a list of lists:

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