How to make an Invisible app.

Ya, you read it right.
I'd be telling you how to make an invisible app.

Proof image

It is a very simple process, just two steps.

Step 1 : Set the app icon to a Transparent image.

Step 1 : Set the app icon to a Transparent image

Step 2 : Set the app name to space ( )

And you're done.

Advantages of an invisible app.

This thing can be used to make secret apps you know.
Like you can hide your apps that you want to keep private and don't want others using your phone, to find it.

I'd later be providing an aia for a secret photo vault using the same mechanism of invisible apps.

I know that many people would want to make such an app. (But I also know that there may not be much such people in the community, but may is the keyword.)

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There are cases of invisible Android apps that actually spies on phones and malicious. So, before you make invisible apps, you need to carefully consider whether you should do it.


You can click on these apps actually and you yourself are making this app, so do you think your own app would harm your phone ?

Also, Its Invisible not hidden so its accessible.

Once, harmful invisible apps even made it to the top 20 apps in Google Play. Why is it a good idea to create invisible apps? I don’t see the following explains.

Why not just set a password on your phone?


I know that this is possible, but I know many people wanting to make secret apps. Mostly, children wanting to play games. :sweat_smile:

I actually don't see that as a benefit, but more like a harm. It is so easy that a developer with App Inventor can use the techniques of an invisible app and virus extensions to harm others(which is a violation of the ToS).

Children must have parents' permission to use devices.

Anyways, just my thought.

@Gordon_Lu those apps aren't directly accessible, the ones which are not physically present. But these are clickable things. Easily findable too unless the user (him/her)self doesn't hide the app bruh... The app cannot move itself to a remote place. Also, when another app is installed, it would be found like how it is shown in my  Proof Image . So no chances of scam by hackers.

I just gave an example out there bruh...