How to keep my selection in using the spinner component.

For example, USA,GBR,AUS 3 elements in the ElementsFromString of the spinner component.
I select GBR or AUS on the spinner and close the App.
When I reopen the App, the screen always shows USA.
I want to get the value that I selected one before.

Thank you for kind answers in advance.

Something like this:


Thank you for your reply.
It is helpful for solve my problem.
I am a beginner, in addition I have weakness in using storage components specially.
And there is no place to ask about this App inventor in Korea because it is unpopular here.
So there is no way for me to use this forum.

Thanks again for your answer against my elementary answer using poor English.


This is a video by Pixii Bomb. She has a great way for you to learn App Inventor. The videos were made for AppyBuilder but are really usable.

You can see a lot of her videos here