How to install your AI2 app into Wear OS

Now I found out how you install your App Inventor app on your Wear OS device. Please note: I cannot be held responsible of any damage. From my testing, It won't happen but you never know. You also need to be able to connect your Wear OS device to your computer and send the APK via ADB. Most charge of USB and their charging docks support data sharing. Also turn on ADB debugging as soon as your done. Someone can then plug your Wear OS device into their PC or when you use a public charging station and inject malicious code into your device. Also only allow ADB debugging on YOUR PC. If your not using your PC and you get the ADB debugging prompt. DO NOT ALLOW

Edit: Some components and photocalls wont work on Wear OS due to Wear OS being a stripped down version of Android. So things like the web viewer won't work

You do need to have ADB installed on your Computer and ADB debugging enabled on your device. You can go to this website for how to do that (Getting ADB on your computer):

Once you have it on your computer, you need to enable it on your Wear OS device. To do that:

  1. Go into the Settings of your Wear OS device
  2. Find and select the System option
  3. Find and select the About option
  4. Tap the build number multiple times. After 5 to 10 taps, it should tell you developer settings are enabled
  5. Find the Developer Settings on your device. It can be different for each device.
  6. Find the ADB Debugging setting and turn it on.

Once you have exported the APK from AI. Follow the steps (Skip to step 2 if you don't use Windows or you have the terminal setup):

  1. Open File Explorer where the ADB apps are and right click (On Windows 11 shift click) and select 'Open with Command Prompt'
  2. Type adb devices into the terminal. You should then see a list of your devices. If no devices appear below List of devices attached then make sure you allowed ADB access from your watch to computer and got it enabled.
  3. Type adb install <file path> replacing file path to the path of the exported APK
  4. Once finished you should see Success displayed. The time will be different depending on the size of the APK.
  5. Open the app on your watch and enjoy!

Note: I think I should add that some watches now like the Galaxy Watch4 does not use pins to charge but wireless charging. This means using USB Debugging isn't possible. I don't know how to sideload apps via that. Sorry!