How to initialize app on first run?


I am creating an app for a class routine. I have about 70 horizontal arrangements, all of which need to have the exact same properties. Since it is not possible to copy horizontal arrangement, I was hoping to do it via blocks. But I don't want the app to resize my hor_arr blocks every time the app is run.

Now my question is, is there a way to do certain things so that it will only work on the first run, and stay that way?

A pseudocode for what I want to attempt is:

Boolean firstRun;

Check in phone locations for a file containing the firstRun condition.

if (firstRun_LocationInPhone is false){
} else {
  foreach (hor_Arr){
  set value of firstRun_LocationInPhone to false;

Let me know if this is how I should approach my problem, or if there is a better/simpler way.

Try this:


you might get problems while building your app if you use "too much of something" (by @Boban)...

let me suggest you to try the following extension, which let's you add arrangements dynamically


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Thank you very much guys. I will look into your advice.

The dynamic components extension looks good. I did not know it existed. I will give that a try.