How to include power and natural e inside a calculator?

I wanted to calculate numbers with powers and involving powers but I can’t. I could only make a simple calculator. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

From math components use…




Thank you. But I am kinda confused with how to do with the blocks if I want to include it into the simple calculator that I have already done. Because I only have two global name there. After clicking on any operators, the number that I clicked just now would be considered as the first global name and it would be cleared at the text box. The following number that I clicked would be the second global name. Finally, when I press the equal sign it would give the total value. So now if I want to include natural e and powers in it, do I need to include the third global name? And how to deal with other operators?

Please export your project and post it here.

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If you have not yet learned about the two different system used in calculators, search the web for reverse polish notation
To use RPN, you would need an Enter button and keep a list as a stack.

For comparison, search for infix vs postfix
To use infix operation, you would need ( and ) buttons.

Which type of calculator do you want to build?