How to implement custom Auth System From Auth0?

I have to deploy my own App inventor instance but how to make a custom Auth System instead of the normal login page?

I saw a recently saw a new app inventor instance that is Niotron, when I open it takes me to

then when I login there I go again to the builder with a callback URL

I am just referring to Niotron...

How to build a system like this?

I think they use SSO so they user can access all services just by registering at one service.

Why not ask Niotron?

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He can't,because he is working with AI2 Sources and most of the people say that this is the best place to ask questions related to that.

Niotron are working with AI2 resources too.

You can ask anyone, any organisation a question - some will be helpful, others not - but you will never get a reply if you do not pose a question :owl:


True :+1:

Sure but it seems most of the AI2 distributions' communities are not interested in answering these questions.

And that's why (extension) developers love this community most.


Thanks @vknow360 and @ChrisWard For your response but it didn't answer my question...

@ewpatton may help...

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You can make changes to the LoginServlet and implement any custom authentication you like. We at Niotron uses an SSO Like implementation.

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Any example code would help :slight_smile: