How to have control over check box don´t ask again when using permission denied dialog box

Dialog_box_dont_ask_deny_and allow

Hi every one,
I wonder how to have control over checkbox don´t ask again, when using
permission denied??
Thank you in advance

Please explain this in more detail ("to have control over check box ..."). What exactly do you want to achieve? Does your app not need this permission? Which component / extension requests this permission (READ / WRITE)?

That dialog will be not shown as long as your app has that specific permission.

Thank you for your help Anke, let me explain what is doing my app at the moment and what I would like to achieve.

When User opens the app for the first time, the app asks to accept the app or deny, If user press accept everything is fine.

If User press deny my app goes to a screen3 showing message for 10 seconds explaining the necessity to accept and then it asks again, whether to accept or deny but there is also a check box ( that says don´t ask again).

If User keep on pressing deny the app continue asking until User accepts which is correct.

But the problem is when I choose the check box option(which says don´t ask again and since after that the only option left is deny again, when you press it, it shows my message explaining again to accept for 10 seconds but off course whithout dialog box which is obvius and then goes back to first screen, but keep repeting the same cicle (counting from 1 to 10) eternally.

I would like the app, to close app after user press deny twice, and when User press the check box first and then deny the app should give a message " Sorry since you did not accept we are closing this app..bye"

I do not understand the reason of having that check box( don´t ask again)

Thank you very much for your time

Thank for your time,
Yes it comes after asking for write permission.
First I use grant permission, which gives permission whithout a problem.
Since there are to options "deny" or "accept" in the dialog.
If i don´t use deny block when User press it, there is an error 908
that is why i am using deny block, as I explained in my previous message to Anke
Thank you in advance

I don't really understand (too much text for me at the moment, sorry :wink:), but
If you only want to receive the permission request once (the first time), try the following:

you unfortunately do not have control over that checkbox

Thank you so much Anke, I will try it!!

Thank you Taifun!!

Hi Anke, I have tried your example it worked fine thank you very much, the dialog box asks only once.
However I am a bit confuse you see if I press denied, I wonder why the app is stored on my cel, if it has no permission to write on it. Is there something I can do to avoid downloading the app if I don´t give my permission to do it?
Thanks again and sorry to take your time.

I assume that your app is in and will be downloaded from the Play Store. This process has nothing to do with the permissions within your app.

Maybe you should try something like this:

Thank you so much Anke you are one of a kind!!
You are correct Anke, my app will be downloaded from playstore, and I would like to do the best I can in order to follow all new google regulations. I going to test your code as soon as possible. This will be the first time that I will upload an aplication to the playstore.
Thank you very much indeed :wink:

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