How to get the maximum value from three columns containing numbers in a SQLite database?

I'm using the SQlite Extension. I have three columns containing numerical data in a SQLite database. I want to find the largest value out of the three columns for each row. How do I do it?

You don't say which SQLite extension......

Here is the tutorial on using the MAX function for SQLite:

You will to create a query to call back the max value for each column. Suggest you do this one at a time (so 3 queries required), multiple queries in a single statement can get complicated, but it should be possible.

I am using the Taifun SQLite extension from

I'm not trying to get the largest value in the column. I am trying to get the largest value in the row from three out of several columns.

In which case I suggest you run a SELECT query to return those three "columns" and get this data in to a list of lists, so that each row is a list item (with the three values). Then iterate over this list, adding the three values in each row to the Maths MAX block, which will return the highest value. Add this value to a new list.